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2016 (Contact us to add your event to the list)

Throughout June

  • Netherlands -Vrijbit ( will once again be promoting ‘1984’ and other important books under the slogan ‘Privacy is a fundamental right- don’t take it for ganted but fight for it’ to all the Dutch bookshops and libraries.


7 June 2015, Sunday

  • UK – Anti-surveillance street theatre – Location TBC


8 June 2014, Sunday

4 June 2014, Wednesday

Run up to 1984 Action Day


6 June 2013, Thursday

7 June 2013, Friday

  • Hanover, Germany – Meeting with Central Police Service of Lower Saxony – having a view on police automatic number plate recognition systems and open discussion about ANPR, maybe also about police drones – (probably) at 1 pm, organized by AK VORRAT Hanover
  • Grove Hotel, Watford, UK, Human CCTV
  • Nachod, Czech Republic, anti-CCTV action day event

8 June 2013, Saturday


5 June 2012, Tuesday

6 June 2012, Wednesday

8 June 2012, Friday

9 June 2012, Saturday

10 June 2012, Sunday

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