Here are some reports of past 1984 Action Day events (contact us to add details of your event to the list):
[ Apologies for not updating these lists ]


  • In Birmingham, UK No-CCTV took to the streets yet again with some Human CCTV street theatre.
  • More details to follow – please send us your experiences


  • In the UK No-CCTV performed Human CCTV street theatre.
  • In Hanover, Germany, the local youth theatre staged George Orwells “1984”. Along with the play they organized a 2-day-theatre lab for two school classes, giving them time and challenge to think, act and discuss about “surveillance”, “democracy”, “secrets” and “cctv”.

    For information and photos see:

  • More details to follow – please send us your experiences


  • In Birmingham, UK No-CCTV took to the streets with some Human CCTV street theatre. Their performance was well received and ironically much photographed by passers by.
    Some photos are online at:
    and http://www.flickr.com/photos/no-cctv/sets/72157633948273944/
  • In Berlin campaigners held a public site inspection of the new (“intelligent”) video surveillance in the underground stations and outside the BVG (Berlin transport service) and leaflets were given out. One campaigner told us: “to cover the peaceful event the Berlin police stayed outside the stations with about twelve cops and at least one undercover cop watched us inside the stations – beside the five security guards of BVG and the surveillance cameras. Thus it was a completely controlled and supervised event.”
  • In the Netherlands the civil rights association Vrijbit staged actions under the motto: “Big Brother 64-high time for his retirement. Everyone can do something about it!”. More information and photos can be found on the Vrijbit website at https://www.vrijbit.nl/1over-vrijbit/item/934-big-brother-is-jarig.html


  • In Berlin around 40 people attended the surveillance walk provided by Seminar für angewandte Unsicherheit [SAU] and about 50 people watched varied video clips against video surveillance provided by Out of Control Berlin. A detailed report follows later.
  • In Birmingham (UK) campaigners were out on a wet and windy day asking shoppers if they wanted to buy a photograph of themselves, which had already been taken without their permission as they walked through the city centre.
    Photo of panopticon photography stunt, UK

    Passers by are asked if they’d like to “buy” their own CCTV photo

    Those who were intrigued  were shown a portfolio of CCTV images and asked to consider whether it was acceptable that they are constantly filmed as they go about their lawful daily business. One passer-by asked: “Is this legal?” Anti-cctv campaigners posing as Panopticon Photography – a fake company, selling fake images, taken by cameras installed for fake reasons – pointed out that there was indeed a fraud taking place – the fraud of surveillance cameras.

  • In Hanover we had a nice surveillance walk (organized from local group of  data retention working group) with nearly 10 people (including three guys from press media 🙂 ). Having video surveillance as our “top topic” of the day we further informed and discussed about uprising use of RFID- and NFC-techniques and about how mobile phones might be misused by police and secret services. That included the talk about the profile that will be generated, if data retention might be re-introduced in Germany.

As the media people has been gone, we continued our walk under the unexspected friendly sun of Hanover and our talks became much more concentrated and interesting. With this we didn’t find any time and  concentration to start our planned exploration walks. Never mind …

We had some quite satisfying press media resonance as well before as well after our events (on Friday we released a new documentation about video surveillance in Hanover.)

With this all we are pleased and ready to the next NoCCTV actionday. 🙂


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